Ruby Documentation Project

Ruby Documentation Project

A concerted effort to augment and enhance Ruby MRI documentation

Community Resources

Mailing List

If you have any questions about documentation for which you can't find the answer on this website, then please post them to the mailing list.

To sign up, send a first message to with any subject. This step will trigger an email asking you to confirm your subscription request. To finalize your subscription simply reply to the confirmation email you just received.

IRC Channel

We use the #ruby-core IRC channel on freenode for discussions around MRI documentation.

The channel is not very active, but feel free to ping any of the following individuals with any questions:

Our Ruby Fork

The first step for contributing is to create your own fork of documenting-ruby's fork of ruby on github. The purpose of this setup is to allow for an internal review process of new documentation contributions. For more details on the exact contribution process, read How to Document Ruby