Ruby Documentation Project

Ruby Documentation Project

A concerted effort to augment and enhance Ruby MRI documentation

List of Undocumented Areas

Many modules in Ruby lack a basic top-level description of what they do. In many cases, this is a relatively easy task to do. What is needed is one or two paragraphs of description, and a couple of realistic examples of its use.

Example of well documented classes

Classes/Modules which lack documentation

  • Debug
  • Fiddle
  • Profile, Profiler
  • RSS
  • RbConfig

Classes/Modules with poor documentation

  • ARGF
  • Digest: no examples (Digest::MD5 is not even in the class list)
  • OptionParser
  • Racc
  • Rinda
  • Sync, Sync_m
  • ZLib

More specialized things

  • initialize_copy


Undocumented Coverage Report

We also have a report of undocumented modules, classes, and methods that was generated from RDoc using the rdoc -C path/to/files command.

Some other tips for finding areas to document

  • Look near Init_<class name> in <class_name>.c